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RADAR-CNS: Major Depressive Disorder

The MDD study is focused on the remote data collection aspect, since the study participants are not monitored in a hospital setting, but the data is collected passively in an real life assessment. Besides the sensor data from smartphones and wearables devices, participants actively report mood at random time points in daily life, using the Experience Sampling Methodology (ESM). The main objective of this study is the proofing the concept of highly reliable remote data collection and near real time data management. This study also allows to test recruitment strategies for future projects including the RADAR-base platform.

Number of Participants: 500

  • 28 Aug 2016
  • Alfred Norris
  • Data 50 Awards - Ame Awards - Best of the Best Business Awards
  • Hogwart Brulice, Fretty Fres and Blorts Dagg