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RADAR-CNS: Epilepsy Seizure Detection
Case Study

RADAR-CNS: Epilepsy Seizure Detection

The epilepsy studies are running in University hospitals in the UK and in Germany. Goal of those pilot studies is the evaluation of wearable device data for passive remote monitoring of patients in an hospital epilepsy monitoring unit (EMU). The RADAR-base Android application, captures sensor data from consumer grade and medical grade wearables devices via a Bluetooth connection and streams the data to an internal hospital server. Integration of SDKs for multiple wearable devices allows us to investigate and compare the quality of data collected from different devices as well as device specifications such as battery life and signal stability/range.Besides data quality assessment, we also investigate whether data from wearable devices has potential for seizure detection. Parallel video and EEG monitoring in monitoring units of specialized epilepsy centers are used as Gold Standard for seizure detection evaluation. The potential of wearable devices as clinically valuable alternatives to complement or even replace hospital-based technologies will be evaluated.

Number of Participants: 500

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